Retrokits™ 3.0


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It's about time, the long waited revamp has brought so much change. We have reworked most of the kits and have added NPC's to let you select a kit that you will respawn with. We have listened to your requests and we have brought back the EHG warp, brought back an old map, we have made a competely new 1v1 arena.We also added a ranking system, to bring more competitiveness to the server. You all have been stressing about Retro being dead, but we are hoping that all our efforts will bring this Retro back to life!
- New kits
- Balenced the shit out of all the kits
- New 1v1 completely new
-Npcs at spawn to get kits
-Revamped kit book
-Fixed all the bugs/glitches
-New Feast
-Staff Npcs
-New lightning effect with thor
-All kits have newer and cooler abilities
-Added back EHG
-New ban messages/kick/mute
-Changed color theme
-Better staff
-New server in general
*Release tomorrow at 2PM EST*
Update includes:
  • Blue map
  • Addition of the Maze event
  • Restyling of the online webstore
  • Full Minecraft version 1.9 support
  • Fixed exploit that constantly crashed the server
Enjoy the update!
Retrokits 2.2 is a huge update for RetroKits. We already released the new event Clan Wars, that is just the beginning. We have our builder, Ericoo, making a new Koth and Super Brackets. Every time Super Brackets is hosted a rank will be given away to the winner. It needs 32 players to start the event. There is new rules, a warning system is back in place also. The green map is a great map, a bit smaller & less laggy! Also regarding the RetroKits music bot we have two different music bots, R&B on one of them, and more of Pop on the other. YouTubers must make a new video on the new map to keep their rank updated. Thank you for reading.
RetroKits has been updated to V2.1!


The event update comes with the following addition:

Event System

List of Events
  • Brackets
  • 2v2 Brackets
  • Feast
  • Sky Fall
  • King of the Ladder
  • King of the Hill
  • Souper
  • Maze
  • Red Rover
  • Clan Wars
  • Spleef
  • Parkour Race
Joining an Event
  • Type /event join when an event is being hosted
Hosting an Event
  • Currently, only staff members are able to host events. This is to ensure that events are not over-hosted and not over-played. This keeps events "special".
Have fun with this new addition!
RetroKits Team